As a medical intuitive, Author and Healer I realized I needed a business model to succeed with.  I could not get this done and my books published and have my voice hear in the world without his work. I've been lucky enough to find the right man for the job, and that man is Coach Carl. Carl has not only blown me out of the water with his insights, experience and knowledge, he has completely stimulated me, enlightened me to the next level. Working with Carl has opened my eyes, not only to unlimited possibilities, but to my own potential in making more of my dreams a reality. I am grateful and relieved to have Coach Carl on my team. Asking him for help has been the best gift I've given myself.
Tamara Rennie, HHP
Working with Carl so far has been nothing but a treat. If you are honest with yourself and the process there is no reason why one can’t get results from his program. Carl has been patient yet pushing when certain demands must be met. Not according to his demands, but mine, again, assuming that I’m being honest. Coach brings out the best in you. Right when you say it, you’ll already know what Coach’s perspective is... So you’re just gonna shut up and do it. That's a mindset that holds us back. Coach shows me these road blocks, and leaves the ball in my court to do something about it. Thanks CC!
George Cuevas, Jr., Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach
I was hesitant to hire a business coach – thought it would not be worth the time and money. Well, I am happily surprised – Coach Carl delivers value far beyond the price of his services. He is straight-forward, focused and very devoted to making my practice the best it can be. Over the past 3 months, my practice has added 2-3 new patients per day. Coach Carl has given me and my staff the tools to become the best practice possible – he Ritz-Carlton Effect literally! Thank you, Coach Carl – I can now breathe and feel calm knowing that patients are thrilled with the services that my office provides.allowed my practice to flourish beyond any previous expectations – as well as helped me overcome other challenges
Dr. Diana Hoppe, Women’s Health Care
Working with Coach Carl has been an extraordinary life-changing and practice-changing experience. He has assisted me in identifying my strengths and applying them to my practice, allowing myself and my staff to flourish. We are achieving new heights of care and service for our clients through Coach Carl’s guidance and coaching. Within a few months, our practice revenue has stabilized and we are now beginning to experience new growth in the practice. Thanks Coach Carl!
Dr. Kris Brew, DC, Vitality Chiropractic Center
Coach Carl you have already added to my financial success since beginning this sacred business adventure of growing my seminar business of teaching Stick Yoga to the world for better health, wealth, and Spiritual connection. My seminars numbers have increased for the right reasons since Oct. 2013, I am being coached with tough love by a brother from another mother. Thanks Carl
Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz, DC, Father of Stick Yoga
When I started coaching w Coach Carl, I had been very successful in practice. I was looking for some fresh new ideas to streamline my practice, train a new CA fast and more efficiently, and have more fun and less stress at the office. I had already been in practice for 20 years. I thought I had heard it all and done it all. Coach Carl surprised me!!! He had new ways to reduce the stress of running a high volume and, still, growing practice. His creativity extended into new patient marketing, ongoing education for lifetime care and communicating the big vision of Chiropractic. He really listened to what I wanted and needed in my life and practice. He is highly skilled and intuitive at asking the right questions to draw out the right answers from me. He is a straight shooter...gets right to the point and does not waste time. And he truly loves chiropractic!!! What more can you ask for in a Chiropractic coach?? I highly recommend Coach Carl no matter what stage of practice you are in...Carl has the ability to help you upgrade and refine your practice , and your life...and bring you to the next level of living an extraordinary life.
Dr. Lori Krauss, D.C.