Million Dollar Signature Brand

Here’s How to Have Coach Carl Create Your Private Label or Signature Program

What separates six figure & seven figure businesses from the rest? They have their own million dollar branded programs & private labels. They do not rely on getting paid for services delivered, the get paid constantly for their advice, programs, intelligence and expertise. Now its time to put yours to work.

For the past decade we have developed, created and built multiple unique programs for our clients to set them apart from their competition, increase their revenue both online and offline and create an influx of new patients or clients. It’s the next best step to growing your business without sacrificing more time and energy, it’s the smart thing to do!

We build fitness challenges & programs, health care programs, long term health & wellness care plans, specialty programs and more. Any service you want to offer we can build into a successfully branded and profitable programs. We offer two forms of signature programs, online and in office. You can work with patients and clients locally and nationally.

Whether you have ideas and content you want us to develop or you know you need your own BRANDED products and programs and don’t know where to start, Million Dollar Signature Brand can support you. From co-creation to delivering the product or program you want, to driving the marketing and sales of its success, we walk our clients through the process, step by step in less than 30 days.

Million Dollar Signature Brand are proven to:

  • Distinguish Your From Your Competition
  • Work With Patients & Clients Locally, or Nationally
  • Expand Your Market & Depth of Services to The Masses
  • Drive In New Patients & Clients, typically 10 to 23 at a time
  • Generate Cash Flow from $300 to $3,000 per program
  • Get paid $350 to $500 per hour for your advice
  • Cost No Extra Time, Money or Overhead Expense
  • Brand You as an Expert- Celebrity or Authority

Would you give up an hour of your time each week to work with a committed group of 20 people paying you $500 each? For your guidance? Advice? Your skills? Million Dollar Brand gives practitioners the ability to work with as many patients or clients as you want, without adding more expenses, office hours, staff or any up front fees.

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