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Health Care Practitioners

Fitness Professionals

Yoga Studios & Spas

Coaches and Consultants


Discover How to Join an Elite, Profound Level of Committed Health Oriented Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Committed to Living, Practicing at the Ultimate Level.

Thriving day in and day out is challenging. Practitioners have spent years and way too much money trying to:

  • Automate their practice and business
  • Generating a waiting list of patients and clients
  • Make their practice and business sustainable and highly profitable
  • Build a rock start team and operationalize there in office experience
  • Utilize proven systems that produce results for patients and clients and themselves
  • Stay up to speed with changes in their industry
  • And ultimately have a quality of life that inspires them while maintaining a strong business

For the past 14 years Coach Carl has refined, tuned and learned to master complex practice and business strategies in a simple, easy to use system… one that is not cookie cutter. Without a doubt it’s the best program that produces lifetime freedom, prosperity, success and changes the lives of every patient and client in a profound way.

Most programs focus on 1 or 2 parts of success or try and sell you “their way” just because they had some success. We don’t major in minor strategies, we keep the main things the main things.

Mega Healpreneur is the most elite inner circle program Coach Carl offers specific clients and businesses.

If you have a deep desire to be among the elite in your industry…

You feel you’re close to getting to the next level…

And believe that belonging to a high level conscious community who stands for your achieving your vision…

Mega Healpreneur is the exact program for you and it will provide you every strategy and tactic to make your journey an experience of a life time, while providing you the mentoring to become the elite. You will embody your vision and our this program encompasses the platform for you to succeed.

Why we offer this program as an invite only because we realize the truth, not everyone wants to live and practice at this level. Many talk about, wish and hope, and very few take action to have it. As you want the best patients and clients, we feel the same.

Each year we hand out invitations to your current clients and are also open to meeting future Mega Healpreneur candidates we may not know.

By completing the web form below you are agreeing that you are someone who:

  • Deserves to be the elite
  • Is willing to take action
  • And will not settle for just an average or good practice and business

Time is of the essence. Think about that! It’s your vision, your dream and the possibility exists for you. Analyzing this opportunity, waiting or checking it out are not the actions of an elite Mega Healpreneur.

Once you complete the form, we can send you out the Mega Healpreneur info pack and begin the process of getting to know each other. There is NO risk in that. Just tell us about you, we are and will continue to be transparent with you.

Be sure to take action. This is not an all year invitation program. Once we have 25 clients, we stop accepting applications for 2014. We will keep you on file for 2015.