About Coach Carl

Coach Carl has built one of the few companies in the health and coaching industry that has succeeded for 14 years. This is his life’s work and mission. He is the only coaching company that specializes in working with doctors, health care practitioners, yoga studios and spas, fitness trainers and coaches. He has proven his abilities to support practitioners in their field succeed.

If you want to succeed and have one of the premier coaches and mentors on your team, Coach Carl is it. He has an entrepreneurial mind and spirit that supports practitioners in being their absolute best and their practice profitable.

Coach Carl will tell you, candidly, business is a matter of three important fundamentals. Generate more than enough patients and clients, produce results with them, and keep everyone including your staff happy and productive. If you do those three things, you will make money, make a difference and success will become an everyday experience.


The back story about Coach Carl

At the young age of six, I realized I was different. I felt things that other kids could not understand. I understood that I was special but everyone around me refused to see it. I had a gift.

I absorbed every book I could get my hands on, educating myself on the muscles, bones, and brain. I built models of the human brain and spine while all the other children my age were playing video games.

For a long time, my family and friends did not support my feelings and beliefs, so I channeled my energy into becoming a major league baseball player. I put my heart and soul into baseball and ignored my raw gift that I knew I should have embraced. Realizing baseball was not my future, I enrolled in college and involved myself massage therapy. My initial thoughts were: “oh my god, what am I doing here?”

After my teachers first massage from me, she said that she never felt better and that I had a very special gift. At this point in my life, I realized I should not refuse or hide my beliefs and gifts that I knew I had and have been given. I had wandered aimlessly for too long throughout my life to young adulthood and I must embrace my gift. From this monumental achievement in my life, I utilized my intelligence, determination, positive attitude and spiritual beliefs, I created my own opportunities for personal success and financial comfort. I continue to grow and pursue a Masters Degree in Spiritual Leadership and Prayer.

I started my coaching career with the famous, Anthony Robbins and was employed with Robbins research. Robbins immediately recognized my gifts and spiritual awareness. After about a year, I started my own consulting and coaching company for Chiropractors. I also served as Vice President of a medical coaching company and CEO of two 20 million dollar companies, founded by the authors of the famous movie “The Secret”. I have also written a best sellers book entitled “Healthy, Wise, and Amazing Women”. This book was inspired after I delivered my daughter, Tristin.

In the past decade, I have personally instructed, trained, coached, guided, mentored, and have been a confidant to hundreds of doctors and thousands of individuals. I truly believe in building a new platform to teach the world how to learn and create new strategies for building strong bodies, resilient minds, and emotional intelligence. By honoring their natural values, gifts and strengths they have been given, but may not know they have the ability to use, they may master and find spiritual peace, happiness, and wealth. They will then achieve a new universal understanding of life.

Life is about returning to a state of nostalgia and then this is where your spirit or life’s vision and purpose is revealed to you. Find the rawness and purity of what you stand for on this planet. You are transparent and connected to this world. Open your eyes to nature and it will provide you with peace and spirituality. We are all able to heal and save ourselves. We all have the power within each of us to begin our spiritual journey to oneness. My passions and desires draws me to find these challenges and problems to help bring enlightenment to all that seek it. I am a spiritual entrepreneur.

For the past 14 years CC leads his own coaching company serving doctors, alternative health practitioners, healers, coaches, yoga and fitness studios where he focuses on his major brands called Sol Practice, Cash Flow Systems, 24/7 Marketing and Train the Healers. He has written 4 books including 1 best seller called Healthy, Wise and Amazing Women.

CC lives in California, loves to travel, fish and is very active in athletics.

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